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Our goal has always been, no matter the style, when anyone sees one of our homes, they instinctively know that it is an Omega Home.  No aspect of a house reflects the home’s style, quality, design, and functionality more than the cabinetry. The term “custom cabinets” has been high-jacked over the years.  Custom cabinetry once meant that the cabinetry was designed and created with intention and specificity, and each detail was meticulously chosen in the culmination of a beautiful set of cabinets that performed just as the homeowner had intended.  However, now “custom cabinetry” is simply an industry sales term that means nothing more than “they weren’t bought in a store”.  

We sit down with each of our clients and thoroughly review how they plan to use the cabinets, whether it's a kitchen where functionality and entertainment is key, or whether it's a closet or an office where organization is paramount, we ensure that the cabinets are more than just beautiful and solidly built, but that they also perform in the way that the client intended.  This level of design is not achieved by simply hiring someone to build a custom set of cabinets; each detail, from the type of wood chosen to the style of hardware selected, has to be purposeful and functional.  Our years and experience in cabinet design is something that each client will truly appreciate!  

Omega Cabinets

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