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Safe Rooms/

Storm Rooms

One of the first specialty items that Omega became known for was our saferooms/storm rooms.  We incorporate these rooms into many of our homes.  With the tragedies that we have seen first hand from storms here in Alabama, many of our customers have truly appreciated how excessive we are in designing these rooms!  The term “safe room” is an industry term that is often used to describe any room that has been “upgraded” for added strength.  However, often times these rooms are simply wood framed rooms with larger or stronger lumber but are still very susceptible to dangerous weather.  

While there is no guarantee for safety, we strive to make our rooms as solid and secure as possible with a mixture of 5000lb concrete, reinforced block, extensive amounts of rebar, and a steel door, all designed to strengthen each other and create a room that is a great place for protection from storms, home intrusion, or even just for a secured storage area.  We have often had clients store valuable jewelry, paintings, files, and even weaponry.  However, we also wrap each room with sheetrock, trim, and paint, and often times, visitors have no idea the room even exists.  We can easily hide it behind a bookcase or cabinetry, therefore concealing its existence to everyone except the immediate family.  For more information on the building process, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Tab.

S a f e  R o o m 

S t o r m  R o o m


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