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“Home Theater” is another term that has been hijacked over the last few years and used more as a marketing buzz word than truly representing the entertainment value that the term implies.   Now, “Home Theater” is often times used to describe nothing more than a bonus room with a big screen television.  However, the Omega home theaters are designed to be more of an experience than a room.  In collaboration with Enco Electronics, using state of the art technology is just the beginning.  There is extreme care given to the overall feel and design of the room; with true theater carpeting, motorized chairs, raised seating, unique ceiling designs, fabric panels, professional lighting, and intricate cabinetry and trim, there is no doubt that your theater will be the destination of friends and family for the next big blockbuster movie.  Also, we often design our theater rooms to specialize in game day entertainment for viewing for all the big games.  So, whether you're building a new home, or would like to simply add a theater room to your current home, please do not hesitate to give us a call and allow us to design and create a space that is not just a place to watch movies and games, but a unique entertainment experience that all will enjoy!

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