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Over the last few years, Omega Builders has become known for our intricate trim and cabinetry work.  We actually design every aspect of the trim package in order to ensure that the selected trim properly reflects the overall style of the home.  Many people believe that beauty and harmonization of any trim package is a result of a talented carpenter.  While the skill level of the trim carpenter is of the utmost importance, without the vision and knowledge of our design, many homes’ trim packages suffer from either a lack of character, or an over-indulgence that lacks the subtlety and classiness of a true design scheme.  Many aspects of trim must be properly prepared for during the framing process, and if there is not a clear design strategy, your home could risk the danger of an inconsistent style throughout the home, or simply suffering from the condition that we often refer to as the “pretty girl with too much make-up" phenomenon.   Designing the right trim package takes time, experience, imagination, and ingenuity to ensure that it fits the home and our client perfectly.  Whether the style of the home is modern, contemporary, or more traditional, we have spent years perfecting this craft and we hope that it is obvious in each of our homes.  

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